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If you have a healthy credit score, you probably do not have time for or even understand how bad credit mobile phones work or their benefits so to speak. You are probably living in a bubble and feel like having a poor credit rating is entirely a personís fault. However, that is not always the case. There are circumstances beyond a person that might make them unable to meet their obligations such as incapacitation, job loss or even being bed ridden. Well, thatís a story for another day. Today we want to take a look at individuals who should consider applying for bad credit mobile phones.

Individuals with no prior credit history

As surprising as it might sound, having no credit history is just as worse as having a poor credit history. What happens is that mobile phone providers as well as lenders make their decisions to approve or reject based on a personís past financial history. When a person has no previous financial history, it becomes difficult for lenders as well as mobile phone providers to approve an application because they have no way of evaluating risk. Considering the fact that bad credit mobile phones do not ascribe to the credit checks logic, those with no prior credit history have a perfect opportunity to gradually build up their credit score.

Individuals with a history of arrears and defaults

If you have a history of CCJ, arrears and defaults, bad credit mobile phones are your best bet. With the requirement for credit checks on standard mobile phone contracts, one does not stand a chance to get approved for a phone contract. Bad credit mobile phones providers do not evaluate a personís suitability for a phone contract based on their credit status. Bad credit mobile phones also provide the perfect opportunity for individuals with bad credit to gradually improve their credit score status and hence improving their chances of better perks in the future!