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What is a bad credit mobile phone contract?

A bad credit mobile phone contract is a special kind of mobile phone contract specially designed for individuals with bad credit score or those whose credit score is less than average. This type of contract differs from the others in the sense that credit checks are not a focal point when it comes to the decision to approve or reject. You can apply for this kind of phone contract irrespective of how bad your credit score is.

Are bad credit mobile phones open to everyone?

Generally, we can say that bad credit mobile phones are open to everyone irrespective of their credit score status. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. For one, if you are under the age of 18 years, not a citizen of the UK and not in employment, getting approved for bad credit mobile phones might prove a mirage. We only endeavor to approve applications from bonafide UK citizens and therefore we cannot promise you approval if you do not reside in the UK.

Am I guaranteed of approval when I apply for bad credit mobile phones?

We endeavor to approve every application that we receive on bad credit mobile phones. That is why we have over 95% approval. In simple terms, we can say that if you meet the basic requirements then you are guaranteed of approval. However, if you do not meet them or if your application is laden with errors, we might not be able to guarantee you approval. We however strive to approve as many applications as possible and offer guidance as much as we can.

What is your policy on upfront deposit?

It is imperative to note that itís not compulsory to pay upfront deposit when applying for our bad credit mobile phones. The only time we require you to make an upfront payment is if we feel that it will mitigate risk on our side especially when you choose a high end mobile phone. However, the deposit you pay upfront is refundable at the end of your contract provided that your account with us is in good standing.

Am I free to apply for any kind of mobile handset I want under bad credit mobile phones?

It is imperative to note that bad credit mobile phones follow the same model as other standard mobile phone contracts. As such, you are free to choose a mobile handset of your liking. We offer different types of mobile phone handsets such as HTC phones, Motorola Phones, Nokia Phones, iPhones, Samsung galaxy phones, Huawei phones just to mention but a few.

What is the maximum period I can be committed to a contract?

Generally, we set the minimum period you can be committed to a contract but the maximum period is up to you. We need our customers on bad credit mobile phones to be committed for a period not less than 18 months.

What happens if I all of a sudden cannot meet my monthly obligations?

At GG Phones, we understand that financial circumstances can change at a whim. When that happens, we encourage our customers to reach out to us so that we can reach a consensus on how further payments will be made. We are always open to new ideas and committed to assisting our customers as much as possible. We can come up with a new agreement reflecting your new status. However, should you not reach out to us, you stand to further worsen your credit score.