About us

As a provider that has been consistent in assisting thousands of UK citizens to avail a phone contract, we can say without any fear of contradiction that we do not discriminate you based on the status of your credit score. We have steadily scaled the ladders to become one of the top providers in bad credit mobile phones in the UK. We believe that service to our customers is service to God and that is why we treat our customers the same way without bringing up the status of their credit score. We do not run credit checks as a prerequisite to bad credit mobile phone approval and this explains why we continue to be the provider of choice for many UK citizens with a poor credit rating.

From the time we set up shop, we have been true to our vocation and continue to go beyond the call of duty with the sole purpose of ensuring that we put a smile on the faces of all our customers their credit score notwithstanding. We donít care how many applications for a mobile phone contract youíve made in the past or how many times youíve been turned away. We believe that everyone has the right to own a mobile phone and enjoy the benefits that come with having a mobile phone contract and that is why we have a bad credit mobile phone plan for everyone.

You do not need to worry about cost as our bad credit mobile phone plans are not only affordable but also streamlined to meet and exceed your expectations. We believe in equal opportunities and that is why we do not discriminate on anyone based on their credit rating.